About Us

I started Written By Stone after reading Yuwanda Black’s material on Inkwell Editorial and realizing, my freelance writing marketing plan, consisted of hoping friends, family members and former clients would tell anyone who would listen, what an amazing writer I was – which is more like playing pinball than a marketing plan.

After two years post-retirement “freelancing-for-dollars”, and a few wins under my belt, there was still no way to know when I would land the next writing job. As I continued to visit Inkwell Editorial, I decided SEO articles and blog posts were going to be my sweet-spot. I purchased one of Yuwanda’s books and have been following it closely as possible. I’ve found other useful resources at Copyblogger, Problogger, Michael Hyatt, Kimberly Houston, John Chow and Joost de Valk.

Over the past 30 years, I have written and edited numerous articles, daily devotionals, short-course high school curriculum, Sunday School curriculum, cover letters, resumes, white papers, product brochures, academic research papers, PhD. and Masters theses, a non-fiction book, web content, newspaper opinion pieces, disaster recovery plans, health and safety reports, technology analysis, user manuals and thousands of customer support emails, not to mention many requests from friends and family to “look over” something they had written.

Additionally, I have developed a deep-seated commitment to clear and concise written communication after struggling with stuttering since childhood. Decades of practice and passion to be a better writer have built a habit of life-long learning into my daily routine. A background in information systems and technology allows me to navigate online resources for fact-checking and well-reasoned opposing viewpoints. Scientific and research training permit me to evaluate data and reach coherent conclusions. Systems analysis and customer support lets me “see the big picture”, simplify complicated subjects and present it in a non-technical, easy to understand format that doesn’t “talk down” to the reader.

About Me

My name is Steve Stone and between projects, I’m an “Army of One.” I am also a single-parent of four amazing adult children, who still laugh at my jokes. I retired in 2011 from the College of Veterinary Medicine at Washington State University, after 30 years and one month of service – just to make sure I’d not miscalculated the 30 years.

My first ten years were spent doing faculty-directed Neuroscience Research investigating biochemical regulators of the daily hunger cycle. After a foolish blunder on my part in one series of experiments, I developed severe allergies to our experimental animals, Sprague-Dawley white rats that steadily increased. About the same time, a generous donation to our college of personal computers from IBM opened the door to a possible career change. Using my own brand of “Guerrilla marketing”, I presented a written proposal to our department chairman for a “computer coordinator” and nominated myself to fill the position. To my surprise, it worked! Time passed. As one opportunity led to another, I eventually became a fully-formed (albeit self-taught) web developer, database administrator, systems analyst and customer support “expert.”