[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]What is Common Sense and why should you care? Bottom line – we all need more and its becoming as hard to find as hen’s teeth (spoiler alert – hens don’t have teeth). Can you name 5 people you personally know who have Common Sense? Would you recognize Common Sense if you tripped over it? If someone offered you a pile of cash to find some Common Sense and bring it back to them, could you do it?

Let’s “Google It”. Enter “define common sense” in Google’s home page and you get “good sense and sound judgment in practical matters.” Sound simple enough, until you check out the synonyms:

Good sense, sense, native wit, sensibility, judgment, levelheadedness, prudence, discernment, canniness, astuteness, shrewdness, wisdom, insight, perception, perspicacity (you might have to look this up), practicality, capability, resoursefulness, enterprise, horse sense, gumption, savvy, smarts and finally, street smarts.

Can you think of a decision you’ve made in the last week that wouldn’t have benefited from a little more good sense, astuteness, wisdom or practicality? Would your professional life go farther if you had more astuteness, insight and perspicacity? Are you suffering from too much resoursefulness, and sound judgment? Is your world awash in Common Sense? If your life depended upon it – and at some point it might – could you find some Common Sense? Below are 10 possible obstacles preventing you from becoming more Commonsensical.

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    • 1. Too much information feeding you answers
      • Average number of daily Google searches in 2013 – 5.9 billion
      • Average number of emails received daily in 2013 – 115
      • Hours of YouTube videos watched monthly as of 4/21/2014 – 6 billion
      • Number of people per day NOT trying to sell you something – hard to find
      • Number of hours in a day as a long time ago – still 24
    • 2. Too little trust in your instincts
      • How many times a day do you make a decision by “going with your gut”?
      • How’s it working for you?
      • Can you tell when someone is lying to you, without firsthand knowledge of what they are saying?
      • When is the last time you trusted “that little voice inside you”?
    • 3. Too much wisdom of the crowd
      • Not all crowds and their “wisdom” are created equal – think lynch mobs, legislators, etc.
      • Can you get a good idea from a room full of people with bad ideas?
      • Does the crowd bear any responsibility for what following their ideas might do to you?
      • Would the crowd follow the “wisdom of the crowd”?
    • 4. Too little wisdom of the individual
    • 5. Too much reducing complex issues to sound bites
      • Can you effectively summarize your life story in 30 seconds?
      • Is there always only one way to evaluate something or someone?
      • Is that rude clerk just a jerk or did their significant other just take off?
      • Was the driver who just cut you off actually trying to get someone to the emergency room?
      • How many choices do we make based on someone else’s sound bite?
    • 6. Too little interest in learning from losing
      • How many things are you good at, that you were you bad at first? – walking, dressing yourself, etc.
      • What was the worst mistake you ever made?
      • Is there any value in failure? – Some think so
    • 7. Too much routine
      • Routine is efficient, but is it friend or foe?
      • Do you really need a cup of coffee before you can talk to another human being?
      • Barring breaking the law or breaking wind in mixed company, what could you learn from defying convention once in a while?
      • Does routine really work for you, or is it just the last thing that worked?
    • 8. Too little getting lost
      • When is the last time you got lost, just to see if you could find your way back?
      • What’s the first thing you do when you’re lost?
      • What’s the first thing you do when you realize you’re done being lost?
      • What’s the last thing you learned from getting lost?
      • Is getting lost, just learning another way home?
    • 9. Too much talking
      • How many people do you know that actually have something to say?
      • How many people do you always listen to, no matter what they say?
      • Can you explain something to another person without using jargon or “you know”?
      • Can you hold your tongue, metaphorically speaking?
      • Can you disagree agreeably with someone and tell them?
      • Are your “thousand words” worth a picture?
    • 10. Too little listening
      • Are you listening or just waiting for your turn to talk?
      • Do you have someone who listens to you, without telling you what you should do?
      • Can you listen to someone and not tell them what they should do?
      • How many memorable conversations have you had this week?
      • Are you the first person someone contacts when life goes sideways?

If there were only 10 possible reasons Common Sense is becoming Un-Common, we’d be in good shape. Unfortunately, the speed of life burns through Common Sense like crazy, so you have to get more. Its not free. You can’t download it and there’s not an “app” for it. You always have to pay for it, or you end up paying for something you didn’t want to pay for, that you could have gotten with just a little Common Sense.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]